Monday, September 5, 2011

I choose HAPPY!

“Happiness is something that you are and it comes from the way you think.”
Dr. Wayne Dyer

As I think about those words, the truth in that statement is huge.  I have decided that in my life positivity must reign supreme over all choices I make.  It is a choice to be happy, folks.  In order to be happy in our lives we must choose to be without judgment of others/situations/feelings:  observe without judgment, accept, understand, forgive, empathize, love.  This has been a long journey for me, and it is not an easy task to accomplish.  We may never individually be able to attain pure happiness or bliss, but the choice to be happy is a perfect process in itself.  I am not perfect.  I am not made of titanium like the Terminator.  I am human.  This is what makes me who I am and sometimes makes others uncomfortable with my giddiness, excitement, happiness, and positivity.

Scientists and doctors have studied it, but the explanation of how we form thoughts or from what source we come is still a mystery.   Thoughts are created by us as individuals, and we all have the choice to respond to outside stimuli in whatever way we wish. 

“What we think about expands.”

This is another quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer who has brought much clarity to me in this path that I am on spiritually, physically, emotionally, and musically.  I have not been successful all the time with choosing the most positive way to respond to outside stimuli coming at me from all sides.  I sometimes react emotionally in a negative way, and this has affected me conversely in a much more powerful way than I ever thought it could at certain points along my life’s journey.  We can choose to be miserable or to be motivated.  We can choose to love or to hate.  We can choose to judge or to accept.   Listen to  the words that people say—they are based on thoughts.  The energy that surrounds you when you speak or think a certain way has an effect upon those who associate themselves with you.  What kind of effect would you like to have upon your friends, family members, or those who are closest to you?

“You alone choose your emotional state each day. No one can make you feel any different than you choose to feel on any day. Therefore take full responsibility for the emotional states that you choose to embrace each day.”

I have made my choice to live a child-like existence of bewilderment.  Picture in your mind the eyes of a child walking down Main Street USA at Disney World for the first time.  It’s almost the same for me on a daily basis!!  I am in awe of amazing occurrences in my life.  They come to me on a daily basis in this business that I have chosen (singing and teaching of singing) and in my daily fitness adventures:  a creative thought, laughter, interesting turn of a phrase (verbally), amazingly beautiful sounds from voice students, creating art, being silly, a breath of cool air on an extremely humid run, being giddy…I have stopped apologizing for any of it. 

 I am a happy person for many reasons because I choose this.  I choose to be positive, I choose to uplift, I choose to encourage, I choose to laugh, I choose to love, I choose to fill my life with levity, I choose to motivate.  I choose this existence, and it sure beats the alternative of being grouchy, judgmental, frustrated, stressed, driven, anxious, or negative.   Dr. Dyer has taught me to observe what is going on around me, to make notice of it, and to deal with the stimuli the best way I can within my abilities at any given moment in time.

At what point do we lose the unconditional happiness that resides within children?  It most likely comes with life responsibility and the pressures of success in career, family, finances, schooling.  These are real concerns, but why have we lost, as a society, that joy?  I choose joy.  I choose happiness.  Is it that simple?  Well, there are many variables, but the constant is you.  It is your choice, your existence, your journey.
Now, choose to live happy and GETCHUSOMMADAT!.  Until next time, people, get outside, swim, bike, and RUN HAPPY!  

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  1. It's a great choice Chris! Not only is it the better way to go, it can rub off on other people sometimes! Keep it up.